When you visit Jack Russell Farm Brewery, we want you to have an unparalleled craft beer experience away from the city. We focus on elevating classic styles with our own innovative twist. Because at Jack Russell, what you see is what you get, and we like it like that.


We believe that there is a beer for every palate and it’s our goal to serve you the very best representation of each style we brew. We hope to help you discover your next favorite beer, and our beertenders are always happy to make recommendations.


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Vanilla Stout (Stout - American)

This is a sweet treat that doesn’t have to wait for dessert to be served. Incredible balance of malt and hops with a heavy vanilla nose and roasted, dark chocolate flavors. Our Vanilla Stout finishes smooth with a slightly-sweet coffee taste.

Uniquely Jack Russell: Like a good friend, it mixes well with others, starts conversations but won’t embarrass you at parties. Whether alone or blended, we hope you agree this is one easy-drinking, sessionable stout!

Color: Deep, inky black.

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Raspberry Red Ale (Fruit Beer)

When the swagger of a sour meets the spitfire of an Irish Red, the result is a Raspberry Red Ale which packs all the punch and attitude of both parents.  However, this red was raised in the country, and have you ever met a farmgirl you didn’t like?!

Uniquely Jack Russell: Whoa, that’s jammy! We hear that a lot at the brewery, and we lean into it. Because our Irish Red is not as malty as you might expect, it gives way to a sweetness that’s amplified by the addition of raspberry.

Color: clear, deep amber.

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Rye Lager (Rye Beer)

A Rye Lager is an easy choice for those drinkers who are open to new experiences and flavor profiles.  Boasting a heavy rye bill, each sip delivers a decidedly spicy AND sour note for a welcome departure from the ordinary.  A moderate hop bitterness just adds to its drinkability.

Uniquely Jack Russell: Surprisingly low hop influence for such a robust hop lineup.  But each hop addition helps soften and round-out flavors that are traditionally more pronounced in an American Rye.

Color: Light golden.

Tangerine Ale (Fruit Beer)

Long summer days up the hill are perfect for the sweet, bright taste of this Tangerine Ale. For having so much tangerine and citrus, the nose is surprisingly faint with hints of orchard and fleshy fruit. Take a sip and you’ll find it finishes clean and doesn’t linger, making it a perfect starter for what lies ahead.

Uniquely Jack Russell: We hope you find this and all our fruit beers to be smooth and well-balanced: two descriptors not usually associated with fruit beers which tend to be fruit bombs. Characteristic low malt flavor and hop bitterness.

Color: Light golden, somewhat hazy.

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