When you visit Jack Russell Farm Brewery, we want you to have an unparalleled craft beer experience away from the city. We focus on elevating classic styles with our own innovative twist. Because at Jack Russell, what you see is what you get, and we like it like that.


We believe that there is a beer for every palate and it’s our goal to serve you the very best representation of each style we brew. We hope to help you discover your next favorite beer, and our beertenders are always happy to make recommendations.


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Available Year-Round

All American Light Lager (Lager - American Light)

We take issue with most American light lagers being some dialed-down version of a bigger beer. We brewed our light lager with intent, knowing we wanted to brew something worthy of both the flavor- and fit-conscious crowds. You’ll enjoy low maltiness with a hint of lemon zest and bubble gum ester.

Uniquely Jack Russell: Our light lager works harder than theirs, with the addition of an ale yeast during the fermentation process (which creates some liquid haze). We also add a little corn which makes for a sweeter, more approachable taste profile.

Color: Light golden, slightly hazy.

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American Pilsner (Pilsner - Other)

A smooth, crisp reflection of the beer which originated in the ancient city of Plzen (or Pilsen) in the western half of the Czech Republic. Our American Pilsner brings the lemon forward in a bright, herbal way, which, in addition to being incredibly easy to drink, gets you to your relaxation place more quickly.

Uniquely Jack Russell: We’re out in the country, and no single beer style is more reflective of the land (or terroir for our wine friends), with hints of grass and the fertile earth on which the farm was built. And while 11 acres can be a chore to manage, a clean, American Pilsner is the reward for a hard day’s work.

Color: Light straw to golden.

Blueberry Ale (Fruit Beer)

The maltiness of our pale ale mixed with fresh fruit gives the beer a bready, blueberry muffin nose (#beerforbreakfast). And the taste? Wow! Expect a burst of flavor upfront from our Blueberry Ale with a subtle, earthy finish.

Uniquely Jack Russell: One of our most popular beers, and it’s easy to see why. We don’t shy away from infusing flavor into our beer – it’s a badge of honor to brew a well-balanced, delicious fruit offering for our guests.

Color: Very cloudy with a deep hue.

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Captain Boomer’s IPA (IPA - American)

“Captain Boomer” is the strong, fictional character in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. This IPA is a departure from the traditional English style in its sea of flavors and big, chewy mouthfeel. And you thought we couldn’t make the connection…

Uniquely Jack Russell: Boomer is also the name of the terrier on our label – a nod to our British origins. There is a coffee bitterness to this IPA which presents as a roasted, smoky aftertaste. It’s a challenge, but we feel you’re up to the task.

Color: Reddish amber with slight haziness.

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Apple Ale (Fruit Beer)

An exercise in pure deliciousness, our brewer David found a new love (sorry Laurie) in infusing hard apple cider into our classic British pale ale.  The toasted caramel sweetness from our Pale Ale complements the seasonal flavors of our harvest hard cider to make the perfect Apple Ale.

Uniquely Jack Russell: We partnered with Barsotti Juice Co. to source the freshest, 100% apple juice available locally, then fermented it with wine yeast.  You won’t find this hard cider in a juice box!

Color: Deeper hue with a slight amber glow.

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Double IPA (IPA - Imperial / Double)

We love our IPAs, and the Double IPA is no exception.  When you ask our beertender Matt for a flight, be sure this one’s at the end – not due to the higher alcohol content, but because it boasts layers of complexity that continue to unfold as you sip it.  It deserves a clean palate to truly savor.

Uniquely Jack Russell: “Approachable” isn’t often a word used to describe a Double IPA, but we think it fits.  You see, when our brewer adds hops to the boil every ten minutes for an hour, he’s carefully balancing the bitterness and aroma to deliver a beer that’s equally as complex as it is drinkable.  If not, send it back, we’ll drink it.

Color: Light amber with pronounced haziness.

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Farmhouse Saison (Saison / Farmhouse Ale)

Traditionally brewed during the winter for consumption in the summer, in Camino our winters are pretty mild…so we brew our Farmhouse Saison on special occasion to say Thanks! to the community for your support. There’s a lot going on in this beer, from earthy notes to citrus fruit on the nose and palate. Expect a tart burst of flavor on the upfront with medium bitterness followed by a dry sweetness.

Uniquely Jack Russell: It’s impossible NOT to hold a special spot in our heart (and on our menu) for the Farmhouse Saison. Our family is honored to have been brewing in the area for over 25 years and look forward to many more. Cheers!

Color: Straw yellow.

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Homegrown Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)

Our Homegrown Pale Ale delivers a hopped-up expression of an American-style pale without shocking the palate.  Once a year we add hops grown on our property to introduce new layers of flavor – not bitterness – to a “brewer’s choice” pale ale recipe you can’t find anywhere else.

Uniquely Jack RussellAway from the city – which is how we like it – we have the kind of acreage, soil conditions and climate to grow some incredibly versatile hop varieties: Cascade, Chinook and Columbus.  And while the malt bill may change from year to year, our commitment to sustainable farming practices and using what we grow does not.

Color: Dark golden with pronounced haziness.

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