Long summer days up the hill are perfect for the sweet, bright taste of this Tangerine Ale. For having so much tangerine and citrus, the nose is surprisingly faint with hints of orchard and fleshy fruit. Take a sip and youโ€™ll find it finishes clean and doesnโ€™t linger, making it a perfect starter for what lies ahead.

Uniquely Jack Russell: We hope you find this and all our fruit beers to be smooth and well-balanced: two descriptors not usually associated with fruit beers which tend to be fruit bombs. Characteristic low malt flavor and hop bitterness.

Color: Light golden, somewhat hazy.

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Hops:German Saaz
Other:Flaked Corn, Tangerine Infusion
Additional NotesTry a blend: Vanilla Stout.

Enjoy with Mascarpone cheese; light white meat; foods driven by herbs and spices; duck and pork dishes with sweet components; pickled dishes; salads with fruity dressings; fruity desserts. Recipes to try: Herb-Crusted Cauliflower Steaks.