Malty blonde with a mild-to-medium hop bitterness and slightly sweet finish that coats the tongue. Subtle spice wrapped up in a very complex package with layers that continue to unfold. Be careful of this one – at 8% our Strong Blonde is definitely a sipper at the end of your journey up the hill.

Uniquely Jack Russell: We are so happy with the balance of malt and hop flavors with this one! At such a high original gravity (OG – the sugar level at the start of fermentation), we have to keep a watchful eye on the process to prevent off-flavors. Enjoy!

Color: Clear golden.

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Hops:A complex hop schedule of Columbus, German Hallertauer, Tettnanger
Additional NotesTry a blend: Vanilla Stout.

Enjoy with barbecue, meat stews, and any smoked foods.