When the swagger of a sour meets the spitfire of an Irish Red, the result is a Raspberry Red Ale which packs all the punch and attitude of both parents.  However, this red was raised in the country, and have you ever met a farmgirl you didn’t like?!

Uniquely Jack Russell: Whoa, that’s jammy! We hear that a lot at the brewery, and we lean into it. Because our Irish Red is not as malty as you might expect, it gives way to a sweetness that’s amplified by the addition of raspberry.

Color: clear, deep amber.

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Malts:Base malt from Ireland, Dark Roasted Crystal from Patagonia, Roasted Barley, Dextrine
Hops:Nugget, Fuggle
Other:Raspberry Infusion
Additional NotesTangy, stinky cheeses like goat and bleu cheese, especially with fresh fruit; mussels and other seafoods; and cured pork or other salty meats.