Get ready for sensory overload! Our Peach Pilsner presents beautifully clear in the glass, with a slight candy nose and brilliant white froth. There is a tang similar to that of a peach sorbet and the taste lingers for a while, ending in a bright, citrus rind flavor. Long live summer!

Uniquely Jack Russell: We use locally-grown peaches harvested in the late summer months at the peak of sweetness and flavor. After removing the skin and stone, we then add the peach flesh during fermentation for a deliciously fruit-forward version of our American Pilsner.

Color: Clear golden.

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Malts:German Pilsner, Munich
Hops:Nugget, Hallertauer, Tettnanger
Other:Peach Infusion
Additional NotesEnjoy with American cheese; Muenster, Havarti, and Monterey Jack cheeses; salads; light seafood; salmon; tuna; trout; asparagus; Asian food; Mexican food; spicy food.