Irish Red beers are traditionally a bit on the sweeter side, with hop character that borders on fermented tea (sorry Kombucha). Look for a great balance of malt body with this one, perfect for celebrating your Irish any day of the week.

Uniquely Jack Russell: It’s always our goal to be as true-to-style as possible, and our Irish Red is no exception. We brew this one with authentic Irish malt for a pleasant, toasted character and mild aftertaste. I also get a little red fruit in the finish, which just adds to its sweetness and overall approachability.

Color: Clear, deep amber.

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Malts:Base malt from Ireland, Dark Roasted Crystal from Patagonia, Roasted Barley, Dextrine
Hops:Nugget, Fuggle
Additional NotesEnjoy with smoky, moderately spicy foods like barbecue, smoked bacon, jerk chicken, and chili.