Our Homegrown Pale Ale delivers a hopped-up expression of an American-style pale without shocking the palate.  Once a year we add hops grown on our property to introduce new layers of flavor – not bitterness – to a “brewer’s choice” pale ale recipe you can’t find anywhere else.

Uniquely Jack RussellAway from the city – which is how we like it – we have the kind of acreage, soil conditions and climate to grow some incredibly versatile hop varieties: Cascade, Chinook and Columbus.  And while the malt bill may change from year to year, our commitment to sustainable farming practices and using what we grow does not.

Color: Dark golden with pronounced haziness.

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Malts:Varies Annually
Hops:Cascade, Chinook, Columbus
Additional NotesOur Homegrown Pale Ale pairs perfectly with food truck food! During the season we invite trucks our Farm Brewery in Camino that offer up amazing BBQ, Mexican and spicy dishes that perfectly complement this, or any of our fresh beer selection.