We love our IPAs, and the Double IPA is no exception.  When you ask our beertender Matt for a flight, be sure this one’s at the end – not due to the higher alcohol content, but because it boasts layers of complexity that continue to unfold as you sip it.  It deserves a clean palate to truly savor.

Uniquely Jack Russell: “Approachable” isn’t often a word used to describe a Double IPA, but we think it fits.  You see, when our brewer adds hops to the boil every ten minutes for an hour, he’s carefully balancing the bitterness and aroma to deliver a beer that’s equally as complex as it is drinkable.  If not, send it back, we’ll drink it.

Color: Light amber with pronounced haziness.

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Malts:2-Row, Dark Roasted Crystal
Hops:Apollo, Columbus, Chinook, Cascade
Additional NotesIt may seem counter-intuitive, but head towards fatty foods with this one: herbed chicken breast and fish entrees, roasted potatoes with aioli, wild game and sweet treats with cream cheese frosting.