“Captain Boomer” is the strong, fictional character in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. This IPA is a departure from the traditional English style in its sea of flavors and big, chewy mouthfeel. And you thought we couldn’t make the connection…

Uniquely Jack Russell: Boomer is also the name of the terrier on our label – a nod to our British origins. There is a coffee bitterness to this IPA which presents as a roasted, smoky aftertaste. It’s a challenge, but we feel you’re up to the task.

Color: Reddish amber with slight haziness.

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Malts:Brewers, Medium Roasted Caramel from Patagonia, Honey and Dextrine
Hops:Cascade, Columbus
Additional NotesEnjoy with spicy foods like curry and kimchi, or rich, sweet desserts like Crème Brûlée and carrot cake.