An exercise in pure deliciousness, our brewer David found a new love (sorry Laurie) in infusing hard apple cider into our classic British pale ale.  The toasted caramel sweetness from our Pale Ale complements the seasonal flavors of our harvest hard cider to make the perfect Apple Ale.

Uniquely Jack Russell: We partnered with Barsotti Juice Co. to source the freshest, 100% apple juice available locally, then fermented it with wine yeast.  You won’t find this hard cider in a juice box!

Color: Deeper hue with a slight amber glow.

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Malts:Light Caramel
Hops:Chinook, Cascade
Other:Hard Apple Cider
Additional NotesPairs well with a harvest menu, including roasted nuts, sweet corn (with plenty of cinnamon and butter) and grilled foods like burgers, chicken and brats.