We take issue with most American light lagers being some dialed-down version of a bigger beer. We brewed our light lager with intent, knowing we wanted to brew something worthy of both the flavor- and fit-conscious crowds. You’ll enjoy low maltiness with a hint of lemon zest and bubble gum ester.

Uniquely Jack Russell: Our light lager works harder than theirs, with the addition of an ale yeast during the fermentation process (which creates some liquid haze). We also add a little corn which makes for a sweeter, more approachable taste profile.

Color: Light golden, slightly hazy.

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Hops:German Saaz
Other:Flaked Corn
Additional NotesEnjoy with shellfish; light seafood; sushi; grilled pork and chicken; not-too-heavy pasta dishes (without cream or meat sauces); Southeast Asian food; Latin food; Mexican food; spicy food. Recipes to try: Greek-Style Shrimp Pasta with Kale.