We work hard to brew beers that make our neighbors and visitors happy. From time to time the craft brewing industry will notice and want to write about us. Here’s what people are saying about Jack Russell Farm Brewery:


Sacramento MagazineSacramento Magazine image – Brew Lovers Guide

White Water Pale Ale, Jack Russell Brewing Co. (Camino)—Perfect for a day on the river, this decidedly British pale ale is a hoppy dose of liquid goodness. 5.5% ABV

Mercury NewsNews about Jack Russell from Brooks on Beer – Five Gold Country Breweries to Try

“Head for Camino’s apple country and you’ll find the Jack Russell Farm Brewery. Originally founded in 1997, the business was purchased in 2009 by veteran brewer Dave Coody, who reopened it the following year. The brewery lives up to its name: It looks more like a farm than an industrial brewery…The property is modeled on an English farm brewery, but it feels utterly Californian, with picnic tables on the expansive lawn offering a respite from the rat race. They often have local crafts for sale, as well as food vendors and other diversions.”

SF GateNews about Jack Russell from SF Gate – Placerville Has A Wealth of Microbreweries

“With its large beer garden in the middle of Apple Hill farm country, this is a popular spot with locals and visitors on sunny afternoons. Like many of the farms around it, the brewery grows 11 acres of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries to use in some of its beers as well as its mead and hard cider, which are available in the spring and summer.”

Sacramento Business JournalNews about Jack Russell from the Sacramento Business Journal – New Use for Former Carrows

“Jack Russell Farm Brewery plans to fill the former Carrows site at 209 Main St. in Placerville with a restaurant and tasting house, according to Matt Dillon, a bartender at the company’s brewing facility. He said the new concept is slated to open in December or January.”

Sacramento BeeNews about Jack Russell from the Sacramento Bee – Jack Russell Brewery Opens Its Doors in Placerville

“Terry Bonham wanted to bring a bit of the English brewing tradition to the States,” said Marley Coody. She’s David Coody’s daughter and a hands-on part owner in the family business. “Our beers are a hybrid of British and American brewing styles. The British don’t filter their beers to get them super-clear, so a lot of ours are slightly cloudy.”